Petra Industries,inc

CAT5E 1,000ft cable features Advanced XLN Xtra Low Noise construction which minimizes EMI (electromagnetic interference) . Low-friction Duraflex jacket resists temperature extremes, abrasion & che...
Seller: Brookstone
High-performance, dual-shielded RG6 coaxial cable. With the 85% braided aluminum & 100% bonded foil shields helps to reject noise. CL3 rated, UL listed 500ft spool in contractor-grade,EZ-Pull box ...
Seller: Brookstone
Ci Pro 2-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable for in home sound systems. High-purity copper using tightly twisted conductors for better noise rejection. 2-conductor in-wall speaker cable UL listed CL3-rate...
Seller: Brookstone
High-performance, quad-shielded RG6 coaxial cable. Dual 85% braided aluminum & dual 100% bonded foil shields to reject noise. CL3 rated, UL listed 500 foot spool in contractor-grade, EZ-Pull box. ...
Seller: Brookstone
The POV MAC50 is a wearable 1080 High Definition camcorder that is waterproof up to 16 feet with no case required. Video is recorded at 30 Frames per Seconds in 1080 or 60 frames per second in 720 in ...
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